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Edging Types of Landscape Edging

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Published on Saturday December 18th, 2021
Updated on Wednesday August 17th, 2022
There are many simple creative techniques to enhance a home's curb appeal. For instance, installing new siding, repainting, and pressure washing siding, windows, etc., all elevate a home's curb appeal. However, landscape edging is only half of a home's curb appeal equation; not to mention the fact, it's usually hard to decide what style to go for. Heck, there are many terms one may not be familiar with.
Landscape edging splits a lawn into multiple areas—whether it is a hardscape to softscape, or any combo—through different materials. Or when its ones end goal to stop invasive grass species from growing in the flower bed or to emphasize a feature, or create contrast in the landscape; landscape edging does it all.

What Is Landscape Edging?

Landscape edging is a technique to connect softscapes and hardscapes. The landscape edges create clear boundaries between two scapes; it blends the scapes to develop a unique landscape. Check out the images below for reference.

How Does Landscape Edging Help?

Whether looking to create a contrast between a softscape and a hardscape, landscaping is always a great choice—not to mention the functional benefits landscape edging provides. Landscape edging also helps to separate invasive plants from non-invasive plants—it enables a healthy and alive garden. Also, landscape edging helps to highlight the differences between your hardscape and softscape. For example, the grassy areas and the flower beds will be more clearly defined with landscape edging. With the right equipment and materials, it's possible to create a neatly clean and well-maintained yard. Also, landscape edging prevents grass and invasive weeds from growing among your carefully cultivated flowers. When choosing landscape framing, you should consider several different factors, such as how long it will last, how much it will cost, how difficult it will be to install, and how much upkeep it will require.
Even though there are various landscaping edging designs and products to consider, we go through some of the most frequent landscape edging styles and products below.


There are many types of landscape edging, in this list, we curated the most common landscape edging types.

Nearly Invisible Garden Border

With a nearly invisible garden border, an invisible wall is created and acts as a barrier between your grass and pathways, or grass and your garden. It is also the simplest edging technique.
With metal strips, the look is sleekest and refined. Also, aluminum is easier to install than steel because of its weight—light weight and aluminum cost about as much as steel does. Although steel will be more durable than aluminum because of how easy it bends. Plastic strips look prominent with the black bulge.
This technique works best on flat grounds.

Plastic Edging


Durable and Strong


Maintenance free

Easy to shape and install

Offers a clean and unobtrusive appearance

Fits into different landscape styles


Untreated [metal will rust](https://www.apx-enclosures.com/apx-blog/metals-that-dont-rust)

Edging Stones; Paver Garden Border

With edging stones paver garden border technique, the look is simple and aesthetically pleasing. This type of edging is ideal for wide borders. These wide borders keep grass out from your garden and enable your garden plants to spill over the flower region.
Because edge stones have a flat surface, this makes it easy to maintain your landscape. You can easily trim your grass with a lawnmower without using any special equipment. Edge stones are a flat surface, which makes it easy to maintain because it's like a normal grass area you can use your lawnmower.
Edging Stones style adds a visual statement, depth, and texture to a flat and bland yard. It is practical and comes with a good natural drainage system for low-lying/soggy gardens. Mulch acts as a barrier and slows down the rate grass would normally creep onto stone walls.

Metal Edging

It is a type of edging utilizing metal as the border material. It comes in different styles and shapes.


durable and strong


nearly maintenance free

easy to shape and install

a clean and unobtrusive appearance

fits into different landscape styles


untreated metal will rust

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